1. Is there a minimum on pre-orders? Yes. The minimum is 1 pound. However there is no price minimum.

2. Do I need to put a deposit? No. Unless noted.

3. Can I skip the line? Yes! That’s the whole point right?

4. When do I pay? You pay at your scheduled pick up time. Please go to the pick up window located outside to the right of the building. The estimated total is just that, estimated. We can not give you the total amount until we cut and weigh the meats.

5. How many days in advance do you accept per-orders? We require at least 3 days notice from the date of your order. No exceptions!! You can order as far in advance as you like though!

6. Pick-up times are 11:00am-5:50pm, in 10 min increments. If a time is not showing, it has already been taken. Please check in at your scheduled time. We will not allow early check-ins!

7. If the maximum quantity is meet for a day, pre-orders will no longer be available for that day, please try anther day.

8. If you need to cancel your order please email labarbecue@gmail.com and let them know.

9. You can not change times or alter your order after you place it. If you want to add to your order please place a new order with a different available time along with the new additions using the same name for contact. We cannot reduce your quantity.

10. Use the notes section at check out to let us know if you want your meat cut or whole, extra onions, sauce, etc. 

11. You will receive an email once your order is confirmed, this will let you know if your order has been accepted. Please a keep record of your pick up time separately. We will use your name not the order # for your check in. 



**If you are a "No-Show" we will sell your saved food within an hour of your scheduled pick up time.